Governance Handbook

The Governance Handbook is an outline of how we are working together to achieve our vision of creating a resilient and sustainable future. The Handbook contains our vision, values, principles, code of ethics, membership frameworks and some core procedures.

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Resilient Blue Mountains (RBM) is a community led network, for collaborative, community action on creating a resilient and sustainable future. The Governance Handbook was initially drafted as a guide on 'how we operate' by the RBM Governance group - a subgroup of the Anchor Group (the RBM coordinating working group). It was endorsed for wider consultation by the Anchor Group in July 2021. 


During November 2021 the RBM Anchor Group held a consultation process with members to hear feedback on the Draft Governance Handbook. As face to face events were not possible due to the current Public Health Orders, the consultation was held online using a survey tool and zoom discussion events.

After receiving feedback, the Anchor Group has adopted a number of suggestions made by members and the new Governance Handbook can be accessed from the button above. The Handbook will be reviewed annually by the Anchor Group and members can make suggestions at any time.

As we grow, the Handbook will continue to develop, and suggestions to add to or adapt parts of this document will always be considered.