Volunteer roles available

Resilient Blue Mountains is community-led and powered by volunteers!
This is an opportunity to really participate in your community and use your skills (and learn new ones) to contribute towards our vision of a resilient and sustainable future.

A range of roles have been identified by the working groups within Resilient Blue Mountains. These can be reviewed in this document. If you are interested in a role, or would like to discuss a role with someone please use the form at the bottom of the page to register your interest.

We are delighted you are interested! Here's a little more information about these volunteer roles:

  • More information about how we work together is available in the Governance Handbook, and if you are interested in a role, it is recommended that you take a look through this key document.

  • We acknowledge that we are all volunteers, fitting these roles into our busy lives. It is important that we provide assistance and support where needed within the group. If at any stage after taking on a role, you are feeling overwhelmed and/or unable to continue, please let our Anchor Group or Group Coordinator know and we will do all we can to support you and/or find an alternative person to pick up the duties.

  • More than one person can share a role.